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Meet the complete version of yourself & bask in the radiance of your mixed heritage

While Embracing all that is you



DO YOU?........

>> Hear this nagging voice inside of you demanding you to look deeper than the surface around your mixed identity? 

>> Desperately need help untangling and letting go of years of suppressive, people-pleasing behaviors?

>> Feel frustrated, anxious, and sad when you are confronted by racism & discrimination, not knowing how to honor both of your heritages at once?

>> Feel exhausted and unhappy switching back and forth from race to race just to fit in?


Because I was in your shoes only a few short years ago...


I totally hear you girl! Seriously, I know exactly how it feels like to walk into a social event, waiting to be asked that dreadfully exposing question, and I know how painful it is to answer this when you are incredibly disconnected from one or more of your races. 

 I spent years trying to figure out the perfect "elevator pitch" response to this question, even practicing in the mirror sometimes, and for some reason, it still wouldn't flow for me. I would get anxious and sweaty every time someone would ask me, it was just another hurdle for me to get through, not only as a mixed woman but as a highly sensitive, intuitive one. I felt like I was bombing every first impression. 


Of course, I had other painful experiences in the world, mostly negative ones, ones that turned into full denial of my mixedness. Wading through the daily microaggressions that I received from my co-workers and employers, my spirit had broken. 

When I finally had enough I left my job in 2015 which resulted in a full-on identity crisis.

I felt like I was just dragging through life...that was when all of these strange symptoms started coming forward. I was experiencing adrenal fatigue, depression, hormonal imbalances, and anxiety.... I didn't know where to turn or what to do. 

After a particularly terrible experience at a friend's New Year's Eve party, I had my very first conscious awareness around how I was being perceived by others. Even though this was a deep "Ah-ha" moment it came with its share of pain and turmoil around the fact that not every space will be inclusive and that it was my responsibility to find acceptance within myself instead of looking outward for it.


I finally felt brave enough to bring this forward to a trusted group therapy setting which I might add was a combination of men and women from different ages, ethnic backgrounds, and social classes, but still, I was the only mixed person.  

I knew that I had to do some soul searching and figure out why I was having these physical, emotional, mental, and oddly enough spiritual difficulties. 

I decided I would embark on a full year of self-exploration alongside obtaining my degree. It wasn't until I felt the unconditional support of my mentors, coach, and classmates that I was able to start unpacking years of repressed feelings around my identity as a mixed-race woman. 

After expressing my feelings, having several really difficult conversations with some of my loved ones, and attending to my own wounds I sought out a counselor to help me with all that I was going through. This was the first time that I felt like I was understood and seen for the difficulties that I was facing.


It came to a point when we broached the subject of race, specifically around being mixed in a predominantly white society and even though my counselor was attentive and we had built a deep and meaningful co-creative relationship, she was just not qualified to come with me through this element of my self-discovery. I knew at that point it was time for me to move forward...  

I wasn't able to connect with a woman of color or mixed-race coach or counselor and found that this journey was going to be one that for the time being I was going to be leading myself. After doing my own research, reaching out to estranged family members, and building my own community of like-minded individuals I began to feel strong enough to start putting together the pieces of my past. 

I waded through the awareness as each semester unfolded.. but one of the most impactful parts of my journey was about to be revealed......


In family & couples therapy we had to do a genogram project. I actually had to chart my family history and dynamics, which prompted me to reach out to my biological dad for information, this felt like an impossible task given the non-existent state of our relationship.


This project is where I went into the depths of my family, how the systems and dynamics worked and didn't work, along with the relationships I had been in.


I had so much shame around this project, shame because I didn't know my dad's side, shame because I felt like my caregivers had failed me, I translated that into meaning I was like that as well or at least capable of the same thing. I was deeply ashamed of the sexual abuse and the neglect that I had experienced. All of it was a lot to let out, but just imagine all the pain it was causing holding it in. 

Now it was time to unpack all of these elements for myself.  That was the first time I cried in a group of people and bared my soul to everyone in my class. If you know me, public displays of emotion are so not my style! Until then I had pasted a smiling face on in all situations because that was what I was taught to do.



When I became more comfortable I started to challenge myself. I shared a poem by Ellen Shaw that depicted her experience of being mixed. I was so nervous, but halfway through I started to feel good, things were shifting.

As I made my way through this rollercoaster of emotions and deep awareness I began to see how being mixed race had really influenced a lot of my life without it being outwardly apparent. There were so many times that I wanted to give up, but the access to my new found intuition and the support system of coaches & counselors that I had built wouldn't let me quit

I remember thinking " This has been such a cleansing, informative time for me. I would love to be able to provide a space like this for other people to come forward with their experiences as they navigate their mixedness and unpack their traumas"......

When I started this journey for myself, I was coming up against all kinds of limiting beliefs and caretaking ways that really just didn't work for me anymore. I started setting boundaries, having deep meaningful conversations about everything in life, tapping into who I was as a woman, what it meant to be multicultural in one body, healing past traumas, learning about spirituality and the concepts of the universe as well as setting my sights on my own potential. 

I went on this journey for many reasons, but the deepest and most profound was about getting to know myself at my core. I felt like there was a long time in my life that I played the part that others wanted to see me in, I shapeshifted from room to room showing up and changing my colors like a chameleon. I truly believed that was who I was always going to be for the rest of my life.

  By the end of that year, I had conquered more than I could have ever imagined. I used the healing modalities that I had learned in school to support my growth and built my confidence and self-esteem up higher than it had ever been. I began to see where I was acting small and started aligning my life with my new core values.

I crafted my own spiritual practices and continued to self-study. I became aware of that hurt little girl inside of me, taking responsibility for loving her and caring for her has been such a beautiful commitment.

I became very aware of my mixed-race and started researching my heritage, I even flew 3,000 miles to meet my biological Dad and gather information about the mystery side of my family.

All of this came about because I committed myself to authentic growth and exploration of the multidimensional aspects of myself 

I have the life I have always dreamt of. I have my dream job serving and uplifting women just like me, a beautiful supportive partnership, a comfortable & fulfilling lifestyle, but most of all I have peace of mind and heart, knowing that I have met the fully aligned and integrated version of myself. 

Cultivating this fully aligned version of myself was the key to stepping into my power and harnessing all of my natural gifts, I know exactly how difficult it can be to do that in a society that would rather label you in the way that is socially digestible. There is a way out, and it is through discovering you.....


Here's The Thing I REALLY Hope You Get About My Sucess.....

I'm in no way shape or form special. ( I didn't have any prior insight to how being mixed affects your self-worth, financial or emotional support of my family.

In fact, I have funded all of my self-exploration (including my education) by making it a priority in my life instead of spending my money on activities that only temporarily filled my self-esteem bucket ( ie. shopping for just about anything, booze-filled nights at the club, eating out etc.) 

I simply learned how to cultivate a life that became more and more aligned with what I wanted my future to look like. I realized that in order to be the person I wanted to be I had to commit to my higher self every day ( YES, I did have days where I would fall off and indulge, but this served as a good reminder as to why I was doing this in the first place)..

So if you are feeling even the slightest bit overwhelmed about the next step in your journey to discovering all of the most important parts of you.. rest assured that you have the potential to be exactly who you are right now with the firey desire to go deeper, all you need is that spark...

If I could do it as an introverted, sensitive girl, from a predominately white town, raised in an all (well pretty much) white family, so can you...



All of this came about because I committed myself to authentic growth and exploration of the multidimensional aspects of myself 

I have the life I have always dreamt of. I have my dream job serving and uplifting women just like you, a beautiful supportive partnership, but most of all I have peace of mind and heart, knowing that I have met the fully aligned and integrated version of myself. 


// Become crystal clear on who you are and how you identify, so you can effortlessly radiate confidence while embracing your mixedness

// Have the peace of mind that comes with having a mentor who gets you and what you’re going through so that you can focus on setting boundaries and working through the deep stuff

// Learn how to work with your behaviors and implement new ways of communicating in relationships

// Blast through and transform any fears still holding you back from receiving abundance and joy

// Create space for rituals, self-care, healing around anxiety and depression, cultivating a healthy relationship to self

// Connect with your inner-child, learn how your subconscious mind plays a huge part in your development, and conquer your limiting beliefs 

// Become confident in the way that you handle yourself in social situations while honoring all parts of your natural talents, your mindedness, and your values

The Divinely Mixed Woman Program immerses you in the fullness of your being. Allowing you to unpack all that you have experienced as a mixed woman in a multi-layered supportive atmosphere. 12 months of 1-1 support through our coaching sessions, community therapy, playbooks & my refined & deeply researched educational lectures. I am handing over the knowledge to you as you come to understand yourself inside and out. 



> 24 x 45 Min. Coaching Sessions, so that we can dive deep, create clarity, and connect through your journey

> An in-depth welcome packet, for me to get to know you, so I can guide you and support your growth

> Direct email access to me, so that you don’t have to wait until your next session to get your most pressing questions answered

> Access to my resources, tools, and network, which will save you from having to do hours and hours of research (not to mention the headache!)


> Lifetime Access to The Divinely Mixed Woman Program Membership ( Value $3000) 

> My signature personalized meditations to unlock your true potential (Value $400) 

> Access to Monthly Mixed Community Meetings ( Value $240)


Click The Button Below To Get Started

To speak with me about joining this 1-on-1 coaching program, click the button below to apply for your complimentary "Divinely Mixed Woman" Discovery Session now.


IF THIS FEELS RIGHT, AND YOU FIND YOURSELF NODDING YOUR HEAD AND THINKING… “I KNOW I NEED THIS,” then click the “I’M READY” button above to get started right away.

So, what are you waiting for? I know that all of this sounds like a mixed women's dream, that’s because it is! And that is why it is so amazing to come across this one of a kind program that will help you to finally feel confident enough to lavishly glide through life in your own beautiful skin. To be the radiant woman that you are, aligned with all of your power and beauty!


Paving the way for generations upon generations to follow and knowing that the way you show up in the world will impact everyone that you come into contact with. To enjoy social functions and feel like you can be exactly who you are no matter what company you are in. To stand proudly and firmly in this grounded alignment and shine through to your natural abilities, use your intuition powerfully, as well as your voice. To feel like you are an integral part of a supportive, creative, and educated community and to help uplift your mixed sisters. 

Or, you can choose to go back to life as usual….

If you would rather stay where you are battling social anxiety at every corner and feeling utterly exhausted as you try to fit into everyone else's definition of you, this program is not for you! If it is more comfortable for you to sink back into the ever-fluctuating depressive state that is so common in mixed women then remain there.


If you are totally cool with carrying around that heavy armor every single day, deflecting all kinds of microaggressions, racism, or just plain old stereotypes then battle on.


If its easier for you to allow others to define you as they wish then continue to give them the reigns in your life. If it's easier to close off your voice, stomp down on your intuition, and spend your days conforming to the smallness of only what you have experienced in your family of origin then have at it.


But know this.....all of the dimensions of you have been planted in you for a reason and that reason is... 

To be DIVINELY mixed and UNIQUELY you....


I invite you to take stock of where you are in your journey and get really real with yourself. It is okay if you have been caught in this cycle, it is okay if you have actively chosen this path because it was what you were modeled to do, it is even okay to feel like the way you have been living is the safest, but to know that there is a way out, a way to choose differently, a way to examine where you have been and chart your course in a way that feels deeply pleasurable and sacred to you is the definition of your soul's calling. 

 I invite you to imagine yourself letting go of the exhausting routines and stepping in to ease that ripples through the dimensions of your life.


Cultivating a rich and thriving support system of like-minded individuals that you can laugh with, cry with, relate to, and grow with.  


Connecting to resources tailored to the experience of a mixed woman. A set of courses specifically for you, created by an educated mixed woman.  


No over-explaining yourself or feeling like your experiences don't make sense, a chance to go deeper and uncover those hidden nuggets of gold within you. This is an opportunity to change your life into one lived for the sake of living into one that is lived for the sake of elevating your mind, body, and soul into the multidimensional woman that you have always known you can be. 

I invite you to dig deep for a moment and try on this belief.... We are all here for a reason larger than we can comprehend sometimes. We are also here as a collective to be an example to the world that yes indeed two (or more) races can cohabitate within one being, not only that but two people from different ethnic backgrounds can come together in love, to create the human beings that we are.


We have the power to provoke positive change on this planet.... We are here collectively to bridge this historically and presently significant gap. 




If you are waiting for a sign from the universe, here it is.....







But look past the first impression, dig just a little deeper, and you’ll see that I struggled too, for my entire life, sadly looking over the fence at the "other people" who somehow figured it out….

Then I learned the skills and mindsets that I’ll share with you in this program. I learned how to use my strengths and my stories, and found out what I was really capable of. 


And in 1 year, I went from living to be accepted, sad, exhausted, and stuck in a job that was killing my spirit… to being able to live in alignment with my mixed background, blast through my limiting beliefs and low self-worth, and thrive in my dream job serving an international clientele who I absolutely love working with.

Again, I want to emphasize that I’m not special… I’m simply a woman who believed in her dreams and finally learned how to make those dreams a reality.

And I want to help you do the same.

Click the button below to get started.

I'm looking forward to working with you in this program!

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P.S. My Signature Coaching Program, “THE DIVINELY MIXED WOMAN” is EXCLUSIVELY designed for the mixed-race woman who is ready to move past her old stories and fears, and is inspired to take concrete action.


Module #1: 


Expand your awareness and fully align your identity with all the dimensions of your uniqueness. 

Module #2: 

Learn How to Connect with your values + show up in relationships that honor your mixed-ness 

Module #3: 

Discover Sacred Ways to Create Rituals That Support You in Building Everlasting Confidence + Unshakable Self-Worth 

Module #4: 

Tap Into How You Can Stay Aligned + Show Up in Society 


Module #5: 

Connect to Your Inner-Child + Create a Loving Environment For Her Through Inner Child Reparenting  

Module #6:

 Discover How You Can Create Community +Find More People Like You Even If You Are Shy + Introverted 



>How do I know this won’t just be another program I do that doesn’t end up helping me?

If you’re ready to commit to yourself, and are willing to do what it takes to create confidence, a fulfilling life,  and crush your goals, THE DIVINELY MIXED WOMAN PROGRAM will be of massive value to you. If you show up to our sessions, listen to my guidance and do your homework, it’ll be really hard not to succeed.

I also want to make this 100% clear - I can’t create the confidence & deep inner knowing, or do the work for you. I am here to guide you to your next right actions, lovingly call you out if you try to self-sabotage, and to create the space for you to connect with your inner power and knowing so you can find transformation and clarity for yourself.

>What if I don't know anything about my heritage?

I hear this one all the time, and I get it – I used to feel like because I didn't know the basics I couldn't even start. Talk about imposter syndrome ! 

This course is for the woman looking to get clarity on who she is and how she identifies. This material is for all mixed woman no matter where you are at in your discovery. There will opportunities to explore all parts of you including your heritage.

Let me tell you, if you’re here – you’re more than equipped. You already know that deep down.

Wanna know how I know that? Because you landed on a page that’s all about learning how to be the fullness that is you – discovering how to awaken all of your natural talents, gain insight into your history, and how to come forward to honor yourself. To start THE DIVINELY MIXED WOMAN PROGRAM you don’t have to have anything besides a burning desire to start your purpose-driven and light-filled life today.

>How many times do we meet, and what kind of support will I receive?

We will meet for 24 x 60 min. bi-weekly Coaching Sessions over the course of 12 months. You’ll also receive complete email access to me throughout the program.

>How do I know this is right for me?

You just… know. Seriously - your intuition will tell you. Of course, your mind will demand some logic to back it up, so here’s a breakdown to satisfy the left side of your brain:

THE DIVINELY MIXED WOMAN PROGRAM is exclusively for women who want to:

---> Accurately and quickly know how to handle uncomfortable conversations around identity... because you know who you are & the knowledge that you can pass on is priceless​

---> know they are meant for something more and are ready to step up into living their best life

---> Have confidence in exactly who you are as a mixed-race woman, embracing the way you stand out in a crowd will become really empowering 

---> Understand how I can show up in all social settings, honoring all of me at all times, no more anxiety & no more playing small

---> Confidently and consistently build the community that you always wanted growing up... 

---> Conquer mental health issues & see tangible change in their lives

>What type of results can I expect from the program?

You’ll know exactly how to align with your identity in a way that feels loving & full of ease. Then, you will start to see your life shift in ways that you would have never imagined possible. Your confidence will flourish and continue to build as you make your way through each module.

You'll also leave knowing how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs using my specialized tools, so you never again have to feel stuck or hopeless in the face of fear or hardship - you'll know how to overcome anything.


100%. I have a general structure that I’ve found works really well, but I create a custom plan for where you are on your journey and tailor the program to what you need.

>What kind of accountability is built into the program?

I give you homework and we meet bi-weekly - there’s not much room to hide. Plus, if I notice that you're sliding or trying to self-abandon, I'll lovingly guide you back onto the right track, and help you transform any limiting beliefs you're coming up against that may be slowing you down.

>Who is this NOT for?

This isn't for women who aren't fully committed to doing the transformational work and the deep dive required of her in order to be successful.  If that sounds like you, then this program likely won't be of service for you - I can only meet you halfway.

THE DIVINELY MIXED WOMAN PROGRAM is for the die-hard dreamer, the go-getting mixed woman, and the ones with firepower in her soul who know that she's meant for something bigger... and is determined to get there.

If you have any more questions about the program, click here to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session with me and we’ll chat!

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