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Love, Praise, & Gratitude

Testimonials From Private Clients & Community Therapy Group Participants

"I cannot recommend the group therapy sessions enough. I have tried therapy many times for many years, and gone to many social groups specifically for Mixed folks, but until now have never found a space where mental health and mixedness were both the central shared purpose, with a qualified therapist present.


I love doing therapy in community and having a space where I don't have to explain myself or announce my identity.


It's been amazing to hear from other Mixed women about how their stories are similar and different, and how we can support each other through our individual journeys. Brittany is an amazing facilitator and guide through it all. Do it, you won't regret it! "

- Rachael M


Brittany is an absolutely incredible coach and support. She has a natural warmth and radiance about her and she creates a space of safety and discovery.


As a person of mixed race, working with Mixed Mental Health has been an indescribable blessing. I feel seen for who I am and know what I share is heard with compassion. Working with Brittany has helped me to not only have a space to share my experiences but also to be empowered by my story and the unique mix of all I am that makes me me.


Working with Brittany has also helped me find myself again. I find that in our sessions and in the weeks in between, I am constantly re-discovering and re-connecting to who I am at my core, to my inner child, and to my deepest sense of self.


I am forever grateful. Thank you. "

- Jennifer W 


I found you through Instagram and what a gift it's been to explore all that you offer the world.


I’m currently taking your Divinely Mixed Identity Clarity Course and I absolutely love it. So many things you touch upon I’ve felt or experienced. Being in your course has been like medicine for the soul. Thank you for creating it.


I wrote an article about how a yoga program and a few mixed communities have helped me to love my mixed identity and begin to heal.


Thank you again for all the work that you do and all the positivity you put out into the world. It’s a gift to feel seen and heard in such a powerful way. Thank you for being you - honest, vulnerable and authentically you! You are an inspiration. All the best.


Natasha R

"Brittany is an incredibly talented and compassionate counselor, always creating space for authentic connection and shared experience.


The group has been a safe haven for me as a mixed woman – the place where I can come to just be. The one-on-one sessions allowed me to deep dive into my experience and expand on the inner child work we discuss in group as well. I cannot recommend Brittany enough and I am so grateful for this mixed community!"

- Rachel W

" Group therapy has been a huge source of support for me--I'm lucky to have come across Mixed Mental Health in my search for healing. I wouldn't be where I am today in terms of my self-development as it relates to identity and confidence-building had I not found this group.


Sharing the space with other mixed women who understand the complexities surrounding the mixed identity has allowed me to delve deeper into my experiences since they just "get it!"


Brittany beautifully leads the group and ensures that everyone's voice is heard and always provides meaningful feedback!


Her own experience as a mixed woman paired with her expertise as a counselor strengthens the foundation of the group. Thank you, Brittany, for sharing your wisdom and for holding a space in which I feel affirmed, heard, and valued!"

- Amatunoor F 


Brittany has always been able to validate my feelings and to understand the conflicting emotions we as mixed people so often have.


She was always good at recognizing and acknowledging my accomplishments and encouraged me to try new things. It was unbelievably helpful to have someone guide me in self-reflection and development who can truly understand the complexity of the mixed experience.


Brittany always tries to implement strategies that work best for you and ultimately allows you as the client to guide your experience in the direction that you feel comfortable going in. She always makes sure you know that you are not in it alone, but that you're in the process together. I absolutely love working with Brittany!  "

- Anka C 


As a mixed girl, ever feel like you belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time? Do you have separate friend groups but don't fully belong to them? Do you wish you knew more about the culture of one or the other parent?


Do you wonder how you can connect to your culture without society making assumptions about what that is based on how you present? Are you asked DAILY "what are you?" Have you ever felt rejected and just wished you belonged somewhere?


If you answered yes to any of these questions along with AND I WISH PEOPLE IN MY LIFE COULD RELATE TO THIS (which they can't)- then that's exactly how I felt when I joined Brittany George's Mixed Mental Health Group.


It's a weekly, online space where mixed girls vent, empathize and laugh as we relate to each other's experiences not only as mixed-race women but also even in things we are challenged by in our personal lives too. Finally, someone understands where I am coming from! Brittany brings really cool topics and we even do meditation! It is why I have been attending for two months and don't plan to stop any time soon. It's a real safe, consistent community where I feel I can be myself and be seen, heard and understood."

- Alia B 

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