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If you are here I know you are done wasting your precious time and energy on feeling not enough for other people in your life, banishing your people-pleasing ways ...

Investing in programs or therapies that don't understand your unique worldview and are culturally incompetent 

This can leave you second-guessing who you are and where you shine as a mixed woman.


You are ready to let go of past hurts, heal trauma, and get to the bottom of what it means to know your whole self. 

You can already see yourself as the fully integrated version you have longed to be.. here you are in the exact right place at the right time, ready to embark on this journey.....


I know you're exhausted.


You've wondered how can I find where I belong?- 


and thought - more than once - will I ever feel loved &  accepted for who I am?!


You know you're meant to live a fulfilling life, but... 


... you keep getting caught up on trying to appeal to everyone else.


And it's keeping you from actually getting to know yourself.


Showing up.


Feeling whole.


Embracing your mixedness...



Imagine how your life will flow when

you have a crystal clear understanding of your identity, one that aligns perfectly with your soul?



You don't have to do this all alone, studies show that:

Women only, women-led communities are safe spaces that make it easier for them to be candid, original, and authentic, and where expressions of vulnerability are encouraged. These communities are where women can go to at any time to feel safer and empowered and have access to information, education, recreational activities, support, and integrated services.

Women communities foster empathy while also serving

as a robust support system in more ways than one.

Online communities are committed to supporting women in global supply chains and are set out to understand how to address the challenges holding back progress on women’s economic empowerment.

From professional accomplishments and guidance to mental health support and workplace obstacles — women's communities become spaces where women can share career advice and create opportunities for each other, together. 

Women's communities encourage the sharing of stories and journeys, which help in breaking those archaic patterns. They allow women to be vulnerable and there is a great sense of empowerment in being vulnerable, knowing it will never prove baleful to their own development.

From the classroom to the boardroom, women's opinions have been hushed, disregarded, interrupted, mocked, or mansplained. Women are schooled not only to ask permission, apologise, hedge, and speak up, but also to self-doubt and self-censor. Women's communities change this. They become stages whereupon women are handed the mic, and find the confidence to raise their voice and their power.