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How We Find Connection Through Storytelling

There are so many ways to choose connection! The power of storytelling brings people together, celebrates values and culture, and preserves history.

For thousands of years, humans have been connecting through storytelling. They’ve told tales around a crackling campfire and stroked paint carefully on a rock wall. They’ve recited ancient, epic poems and passed down oral traditions to younger generations.

There’s a reason storytelling is an enduring art. Stories entertain, transmit values, preserve history, and celebrate culture. They help people recognize their shared humanity, even if they are from different places, cultures, or generations.

Sharing our stories is incredibly important, not only for connection but to be part of the collective voice of your cultural experience, your socioeconomic demographic, your gender, and any other parts of your identity.

Here are a few of my favorite mixed-story podcasts that encapsulate a variety of stories. Some you will resonate with and some will be new and eye-opening wells of information.

  1. Militantly Mixed Podcast

  2. Generation Mixed

  3. Mixed Up

  4. Mixed DNA Podcast

  5. Mixed Wit

All of these podcasts can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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