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The New Moon In Cancer

I wanted to take a moment to send you one of my very favorite moon phase and astrology readings sites on Facebook.

They are called Wicca Teachings.

They provide us with an idea about how the moon phases affect the different transits in our lives. I have always been interested in magic, astrology, and how the moon impacts my moods, but I use this information as tools and not rules.

Here is what they are saying about the New Moon in Cancer.

Tonight (June 28th) is a New Moon in the sign of Cancer. There is a wonderful spark to this New Moon. Something feels refreshing and even inspiring. Soak in the awesome energy.

This New Moon speaks of new life. It encourages us to have faith in our potential alongside a deep resolve to ensure that potential is fulfilled. Just as an acorn contains the imprint of the tree it will become, so too do we contain our future selves in a form within us, waiting, slumbering, gestating, until the time is right to come forth into life and purpose.

In the darkness of this New Moon, we are invited to dream our future selves into being. This is an intuitive Moon that has so much it wants to share and ask us. There will be cosmic gifts coming your way be ready to receive them.

The Cancer New Moon reminds us that no matter how much we resist change, the fact is the change has already happened. We are already transformed, we just haven’t realised it yet, it wants us to stop striving now, to relax, be still and recognise the deep peace within, in which our potential is coming forth, it tells us there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. At this moment, right now, we have everything we need to be who we are meant to be. We are already complete.

This New Moon is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Crab. These include honoring our deepest and most intimate feelings, recognizing the sense of security and safety we need from our homes, jobs, family, partners, and friends, allowing ourselves to accept support and offer support to others who need help.

On this New Moon, we will feel emotional, our feelings will be pulled in all directions making our heads spin, but let them come through, don't suppress them. Your feelings reveal what you truly love and value. They are your guidance system. Your passion for life is fuelled by your feelings. They nourish your creative, artistic and intuitive abilities. In fact, having all the wealth in the world does not matter if you do not feel good. Your feelings count. Trust your emotional instincts on this New Moon. Tap into your deepest darkest feelings for they will reveal who you really are and what you truly want.

Take time to be near water such as a stream, lake, river, waterfall, rain, sea, ocean or take a bath. It is helpful to attune yourself to the Cancer water element, flow and be. this will refresh, renew, cleanse and heal you. Let the waters of Cancer wash over you and wash away negative energies.

Have a Blessed New Moon. May the Goddess watch over you.

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